Commons 1.3.2

I’ve just released version 1.3.2 of the CUNY Academic Commons. The 1.3.2 release is dedicated to upgrading WordPress from 3.2.1 to the latest, WP 3.3.1. Making this move also required that we migrate from our old, BP-dependent admin bar (what you see across the top of every page of the site) to the new WP toolbar.

Check out the 1.3.2 milestone for full details on the release.

Commons 1.3.1

I’ve just released version 1.3.1 of the CUNY Academic Commons. Commons 1.3.1 is a bugfix release, with the following issues addressed:

  • Improves HTML document titles throughout main site
  • Fixes ability to uncouple a groupblog from a group
  • Fixes issue that caused edited blog posts to appear at the top of the activity stream
  • New WP plugins: WP-Print, WP Hide Post, Custom Sidebar
  • New WP theme: Modularity Lite

For complete release details, visit the 1.3.1 milestone.

Commons 1.2.5

I’ve just released version 1.2.5 of the CUNY Academic Commons.

Commons 1.2.5 is, nominally, a bugfix release. But because of a few personal issues (two new daddies among the team members!), the release got held up in the pipeline for a lot longer than anticipated. During that time, a fair number of improvements got rolled into 1.2.5 than we’d originally planned.

Chief among these improvements is a major WordPress upgrade. We’ve gone from WP 3.1.3 to WP 3.2.1. If you have a Commons blog, you’ll notice the change right away – in WP 3.2, the Dashboard was given a bit of a facelift. WordPress 3.2 also means a beautiful new theme (Twenty Eleven), a great fullscreen writing experience in the Dashboard, and a host of other performance improvements and new features. Read more about WordPress 3.2.

A few other highlights of Commons 1.2.5:

  • New WP themes: Twenty Eleven, ThreatToCreativity, Byline, PressWork, Brunelleschi, Chunk
  • New WP plugins: Disable Trackbacks, Google Plus One, Facebook Page Photo Gallery, Spam Free WordPress, WP-SyntaxEvolved, Fancybox, Text Expander, Soundcloud Embedding
  • Some bugs fixed in BuddyPress Docs

You can read more about the release at the 1.2.5 milestone.


I’ve just released version of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is a stopgap bugfix release until we can release the (rather large and overdue) Commons 1.2.5. Commons highlights:

  • Modified the way that the Featured Content widget on the home page selects an avatar for featured Blogs and Blog Posts
  • Removed the WordPress Hit Counter plugin, which was causing performance issues with some sites.
  • Updated the TimThumb script where necessary

Full release details are available at the milestone.

Commons 1.2.4

After a few weeks of relative inactivity (with good reason), I’ve just tagged version 1.2.4 of the CUNY Academic Commons. Version 1.2.4 is a bugfix release, with a number of fixes. Highlights:

  • The appearance of our 404 page has been improved
  • A WordPress bug regarding adding users to blogs who have apostrophes in their email addresses was located and solved
  • Some security hardening of BuddyPress Docs

See the 1.2.4 milestone for more information on this release.