Commons 1.11

I’ve just released version 1.11 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is our Spring 2017 feature release.

Commons 1.11 introduces a couple of major improvements. A few notable items:

  • We’ve relaunched our Help site with a new look and newly organized resources.
  • Improved subject lines in email notifications, making it easier to get the most important information up front.
  • The group Announcements tab has been deprecated. Group administrators may now send email notifications to members by checking a box when creating a new topic. Existing announcements have been migrated to forum topics.
  • New, simplified addresses for starting group forum topics via email.
  • A new “Quote” button on group forums, so that responses to specific bits of a forum thread are formatted elegantly, with links back to the original content.

For complete details on the release, visit the 1.11 milestone.

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