Version 0.2 of BuddyPressActivity

Since releasing my MediaWiki extension BuddyPressActivity, which puts wiki edits into your BuddyPress activity stream, I’ve noticed a bug or two. In particular, the cool feature that filters out multiple edits of a page by a given author within a 24 hour period wasn’t working right. I’ve made the necessary fixes in v0.2.

Get the updated code today.

4 thoughts on “Version 0.2 of BuddyPressActivity”

  1. Hi Boone,

    thanks for the plugin. I tried to use it, but the plugins require non-existent tables.
    “Table ‘x.wp_bp_activity_sitewide’ doesn’t exist” annd I noticed in the code that another non-existing table is requested (wp_bp_activity_user_activity) as well as the only existing table wp_bp_activity_user_activity_cached.

    I use the same bp_ prefix, so that is not the problem, but in my set-up (BP1.1) the tables do simply not exist.

    Are we meant to create the first two tables manually? Or will you update the plugin for the current version of BP?

    many thanks,
    Cheers, Harry

  2. Good call, Harry. I didn’t know that the activity table structure had changed in BP 1.1, but it looks like it has – it’s actually quite different from the way it worked in previous versions. I will take a look at it over the next few days and see if I can update for the way activity is stored in BP 1.1. (Don’t create any tables manually – they won’t be read properly by BP) . I’ll comment on this entry again (in case you’re subscribed via email) and probably post a new entry to the blog once I’ve made the necessary changes. Thanks for your feedback, Harry!


  3. hello, i’ve got the same problem with table ‘x.wp_bp_activity_sitewide’

    have you managed to fix that?

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