62 thoughts on “New MediaWiki Extension: WPMU Single Sign-on”

  1. I am using for the Wiki and WPMU different subdomains. Any idea how to adjust the plug-ins to get this set-up to work? I get your plug-ins to work in a single subdomain test environment, but with different subdomains, any request of a wiki page is directly redirected to the front page of the WPMU subdomain.

  2. Thanks so much for releasing this!!

    I’m also with Wiel on this, I’d like to have:

    WPMU: example.com
    MW: wiki.example.com

    Is this possible? Also, any idea how I would change those .htaccess rewrites for use on lighttpd instead of Apache?

  3. Thanks for your responses, Alex and Wiel. Lucas Thurston, the author of our extension, is working on the redirect issue and should have a new release soon. We’ll let you know when it’s up.

  4. Having some trouble installing, after following all the steps the mediawiki site just turns up blank, no error message nothing…have it installed under http://[my-domain]/wordpress-mu/wiki/, with WPMu 2.7.1, and I reconfigured the .htaccess file of WPMu as in the last step of the install process…any ideas? Thanks!

  5. Never mind, had installed Mediawiki 1.15.0, now with 1.13.4 it works perfect…must’ve been some compatibility issues

  6. Mathew, thanks for the great guide, but would you happen to know how would these .htaccess rules translate into nginx rewrites? Can’t figure that out 🙁

  7. Hmmm, I’m not sure what’s going on with my installation. When I add the changes to the localsettings.php, my main wiki page comes up blank. I’ve tried it with MediaWiki 1.15 as well as 1.13.4. Has anybody else had this problem?

  8. Hi Mark,

    I remember that this happened to me once when I installed the set of extensions, but I can’t remember how I solved it. I’ll ask one of our developers to troubleshoot this for you tomorrow.

    in the meantime, here are two suggestions:

    1. Please double-check that you’ve installed all of the plugins in the appropriate directories.

    2. You might turn on PHP error reporting to see whether that gives you any clues about the nature of the problem.

    We’ll be in touch soon.

  9. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I’m getting a bunch of errors:

    Notice: Use of undefined constant � - assumed '�' in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 132

    Notice: Use of undefined constant �extensions - assumed '�extensions' in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Notice: Use of undefined constant AuthWP - assumed 'AuthWP' in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Notice: Use of undefined constant AuthWP - assumed 'AuthWP' in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Warning: Division by zero in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Notice: Use of undefined constant php� - assumed 'php�' in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Warning: require_once(php�) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'php�' (include_path='/var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki:/var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/includes:/var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/languages:.:/php/includes:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php/lib/php') in /var/www/html/commons/www/gmu/wiki/LocalSettings.php on line 135

    About my installation: both WPMU and Mediawiki are working fine on their own; Mediawiki only “breaks” after I add the extension code to LocalSettings.php. I have WPMU installed in a /gmu/ directory and MW in /gmu/wiki directory.

  10. I checked lines 132 and 135 and indeed, the straight quotes had been pasted in as “smart” quotes. I’ve fixed those, and now I’m not getting any errors, but neither is anything showing up on the page, which is here.

    And here is what the tail of my LocalSettings.php looks like:

    # Error Reporting
    ini_set(“display_errors”, 1);

    # Include the Lockdown Extension for WP/Mediawiki Integration
    require_once( $IP.’/extensions/Lockdown/Lockdown.php’);
    $wgSpecialPageLockdown[‘Preferences’] = array(“);

    # Include the AuthWP.php extension
    $wgAuth = new AuthWP();

    # Include the redirection extension for WP

  11. Blank screen usually suggests a fatal PHP error with error reporting disabled. Is PHP error reporting still enabled?

  12. Yep – still have error reporting on. If I remove the lines from LocalSettings.php dealing with the MediaWiki/Wordpress integration, the wiki loads up just fine.

  13. I think those quotes must have been converted to smart quotes by your WordPress — they’re straight quotes when they appear in my LocalSettings file.

  14. Mark,

    Can you comment out the integration related lines in local settings one at a time? Reload between each line and try to isolate which line is causing the problem.


  15. Any update on the way around editing the .htaccess ?

    I have needs for this on a shared hosting account. Unfortunatly moving to a host other than godaddy is not available to me in this instance.

    I am writing about this development of yours at my site, I will gladly link over to you!

    Fantastic work!

  16. Hey guys this thing is incredibly great!

    However I’ve encountered 2 issues. Whenever I want to activate the AUTHWP I get a white page. I’m not sure it’s the same problem as Mark’s.

    1. Whenever I comment out these lines I get everything fine:

    # Custom: Include the AuthWP.php extension
    //$wgAuth = new AuthWP();

    2. The .htaccess modifications are added to the wiki/ folder’s root in a new .htaccess right?

    Thanks very much for your help, very much appreciated!

  17. I hadn’t had a chance to go through this process myself until this afternoon, when I did the setup for a project I’m involved in. Once I had WPMU and MW running, it took literally five minutes for me to put the rest of it into place. Worked flawlessly. Totally awesome – nice work Cast Iron Coding!

  18. Cheers for these great set of tools to integrate the login between buddypress and mediawiki. I was also wondering how you were able to have the buddypress/wordpress header, footer and admin bar on the wiki. As this really allows for full integration for user experience.

  19. Thanks for the plugin, but it creates some problems:
    The mutual sign-in/sign out seems to work as promised to that is a great start 🙂

    But after signing in on WPMU 2.8.4a/BP1.1.1 and going to MediaWiki 1.15.1 the admin can do everything. But a regular user is still logged in, but when trying to edit I get the following message:
    “You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason:
    You must confirm your e-mail address before editing pages. Please set and validate your e-mail address through your user preferences.”

    When clicking the link for “user preferences” in the message above, I get:
    ” Permission error
    The action you have requested is limited to users in one of the groups: *, Users. ”

    Before the integration MW users could edit and such, what do I need to change to get it working again?
    Thanks for your help and great work,
    Cheers, Harry

  20. Hi Harry,

    This extension has not been tested with the versions of WordPress and Buddypress that you’re using (please see the note at the top of this post regarding versions).

    When we upgrade the Commons to the latest versions of WPMu and BuddyPress, I’m sure that we’ll update the extension as well, but until then it might be best to either not use this extension or to dial your platforms back to latest versions supported by the extensions.

    Happy blogging!

  21. Hi Matthew, thanks for the quick reply.

    Actually I noticed that the first problem was not caused by new versions, but by this setting which I had: $wgEmailConfirmToEdit = true;
    As all users had been confirmed until the integration, it was never a problem. Now it works, but you could mention it in your instructions above.

    The 2nd problem (no preferences page) seems to be by design (LockDown), what is the reason for blocking off editing the preference pages completely?
    Would it be possible to only block changing the password (I assume that is why it was blocked in the first place?) .

    Thanks in advance,
    cheers, Harry

  22. It doesn’t work with me. MW seems not find the WP db. It says that the user doesn’t exist.

  23. Hi!
    This extension is a great job!!

    ..is there a way to make it works with WPmu 2.9, BP 1.2 and MediaWiki 1.15??
    It will be very useful to take this extension updated!


  24. This is a really great plugin and I have gotten the SSO from wordpress to Mediawiki working, however, the logout is not logging our users out of MediaWiki. I have .htaccess configured like the instructions say, except I had to modify the following because the way our wiki farm is configured:

    RewriteRule ^.*$ wikis/wiki001/index.php?title=Special:UserLogout [QSA,L]

    Any help you can give would be much appreciated

  25. This is just AWESOME! Once I installed it, I had to make a tiny bit of changes to the Mysql db, but changing the require to require_once wasn’t required for me. Now I can finally have one log in, using one account. Anyways, this helped me a lot!

  26. Is this the Mysql query in PhpMyAdmin?

    UPDATE wiki_user SET user_password=md5(concat(user_id,’-‘,md5(‘wordpressadminpassword’))) where user_id=’1′;

  27. well, nice work, however it would be nice to have the usual tools to track and discuss the project, e.g. trac or guthub or ANYTHING not just a blogpost. THANKS!

  28. When I upload the plugin I get this:

    The plugin does not have a valid header.

    Am I right in thinking that I just need to upload and network activate the plugin or do I need to change all the code as listed?

    Thanks in advance.

  29. I installed your solution and followed the instructions step by step. After that, things works to a certain extent (after the login to WP, the account also works for MW).

    But the log out in MW produces following error screen:
    Fatal error: Cannot access protected property WebRequest::$data in /home/paulpost/public_html/fasos.org/mc1011/wiki/extensions/LogoutLoginWP/LogoutLoginWP.php on line 29

    So the account remains logged in at MW (where this erroneous MW log out did result in a logout on WP)

    Furthermore, using Log in / create account at MW produces following error screen:
    Not Found – The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Any clues? (working with WP 3.0.1 and MW 1.16 here)

  30. It’s all already a while ago, WordPress 3.0 and Buddypress 1.2.4. have arrived and, hehe, the shared login procedure still works! The logout hook is broken though, and I was wondering whether there is any time in sight when you might update the WPMU Single Sign-on extension? It’s a gem!

  31. Thanks Matthew. Let me know if you need any more specific information on what goes wrong with the logout hook. I see you are in the middle of preparing for upgrading CUNY Academic Commons to WP 3.0 with Release 1.1., so I guess you can reproduce the problem quickly with your test environment, but I am glad to help and provide more info.

  32. Turned on error reporting via Comment 72 by Mark, and get this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot access protected property WebRequest::$data in /Users/Frankly/Sites/dip.youthstudies.eu/wiki/extensions/LogoutLoginWP/LogoutLoginWP.php on line 29

    Line 29 is this:

    if($redirectTo = $wgRequest->data['redirect_to'])

  33. Ha! Problem solved, at least for me 🙂 Line 29 in LogoutLoginWP.php needs to change to

    if($redirectTo = $wgRequest->getVal('redirect_to')) {

    With MediaWiki 1.16 a public field became protected, causing the hiccup.

  34. Hi, thanks for this great stuff !!!
    It works with WP 3.0.1, BP an MW 1.16.0 (with the fix from Andreas – September 19, 2010, 4:01 pm) 🙂

    One question? How do you realized the “wiki-link” in the navigation bar and that the wiki comes like a “BP-Page” ???

  35. Hi, I’ve followed all the above and I’m stuck with it just redirects to the homepage. eg http://www.es.science3point0.com/cienciawiki directs to http://www.es.science3point0.com

    I’ve worked out it’s something to do with Auth WP, if I remove the code below it does not redirect:

    # Include the AuthWP.php extension
    $wgAuth = new AuthWP();

    I havent played with the usernames, but both usernames are set to Mark.

    Any help would be more than appreciated. (WP 3.0.1 BP 1.2.6)

  36. Thanks for the work! I have a slight problem: I installed my wiki in the main root, then installed BP to a folder (“Community”), e.g. a reversal of the prescribed setup. Is it still possible to use the single sign-on extensions? what modifications would I need to make? Grati.

  37. thanks for this great solution — just installed it (WP 3.1, MW1.16.2) with minor tweaks to account for location of WP and MW installation folders. so far looks great! (still needs a bit more testing).

    i do have one question though if this post is still being monitored. is there a simple way anyone can recommend for using the WP role to determine WM user group? i’d like to limit wiki editing to WP authors with all “subscriber” level WP users limited to the blog and forum. right now, WP subscribers can also edit the wiki.

  38. Nicely done, and still works with current WP and MW. One point that doesn’t seem to have been addressed — this configuration does not seem to allow for mod_rewrite/ short URLS/ pretty links.

  39. Is the source maintained/updated for each update to WP and MW software?

    Curious because I would like to try to add this functionality to a site of mine.

  40. “Chase says
    Is the source maintained/updated for each update to WP and MW software?”

    I for one surely hope so, since I am in the midst of configuring a WordPress+BuddyPress+MediaWiki configuration.

    One would think that since WP is the most used free CMS, BP the most used free Social Community plugin and MediaWiki the most used webbased application for an encyclopedia, a lot of users have run into these kinds or similar like problems with a wish to have this fixed.

    So I am just as curious as earlier poster:
    a) Is this plugin still maintained
    b) If not, is there another dev team working on a similar solution to make SSO between WP, BP and MW possible?
    c) If not, would it be possible to gather up some people online available with both the knowledge and time (say at least 1 hr. per week on average) to make this possible?

    James, Star Trek Online’s Fleet Admiral of The Immortal Ones

  41. If getting error in accessing MW then check Auth.php file line no 30.

    It should be like that:-


  42. I am really interested in using this extension, however, it appears to be outdated. (It requires AuthPlugin that is deprecated and superseded by AuthManager.) Is there any possibility that this extension could be adapted to use with AuthManager so that it is compatible with the newer versions of MediaWiki?

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