Major Commons plugin updates scheduled for April 21, 2014

The following plugins will receive major upgrades during the maintenance release on April 21, 2014. The numbers in parentheses represent the major version series for each plugin; on the 21st, the plugin will be upgraded to the latest available version in that series, but no later.

  1. Akismet (2.6.0)
  2. Authors Widget (2.4.2)
  3. Auto-Close Comments (1.4)
  4. Network Plugin Auditor (1.8)
  5. Really Simple CAPTCHA (1.8)
  6. The Events Calendar (3.5.1)
  7. User Role Editor (4.11)
  8. Viper’s Video Quicktags (6.5.0)
  9. WordPress SEO (
  10. WP Accessibility (1.3.0)
  11. WP Touch (3.2.1)
  12. Wysija Newsletters (Mailpoet) (2.6.2)
  13. xili-language (2.11.1)
  14. xili-xl-bbp-addon (2.11.1)

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(This post is in the series of “major update release warning posts”, announced in and described in detail at

Commons 1.4.8

I’ve just released version 1.4.8 of the CUNY Academic Commons. 1.4.8 is a bugfix release, with the following improvements:

  • Added WP Touch plugin
  • Fixed and verified some issues with default email subscription level
  • Fixed issue with duplicate group announcement email notifications
  • Fixed issues surrounding potentially overlong group blog domain names

For complete details, see the 1.4.8 milestone.