Summer release schedule for the CUNY Academic Commons

During the academic year, the Commons puts out maintenance releases on the 1st, 11th, and 21st of every month. This summer, when site use is decreased and when we have a number of major features in active development, we will be reducing our release rate to once per month. That means that the next release after today’s 1.4.30 will be 1.4.31, on July 11.

Commons v1.0.2

I just finished upgrading the Commons to version 1.0.2, our second bugfix release this week!

This release contains the following small but important fixes. Of note: Bringing back the wiki search bar that had gone missing in v1.0; fixing the wiki Tags extension that wasn’t displaying the tags box on new wiki pages; fixing a bug that kept the “My Blogs” menu from being updated after you changed the name of your blog; ironing out wrinkles with the way that CUNY email addresses are filtered during registration.

See the 1.0.2 milestone for more details about what’s new.