Commons 1.8.17

I’ve just released version 1.8.17 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is a plugin/theme major update release. The release also fixes a number of bugs, including:

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to edit a Doc not associated with a group
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wp-post-to-pdf Settings screen to cause fatal errors in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that caused group announcements to be rejected when they contain too many links

For complete details on the release, visit the 1.8.17 milestone.

Major plugin and theme updates for November 21, 2015

The following plugins will receive major updates as part of the 1.8.17 release of the CUNY Academic Commons, scheduled for November 21, 2015:

  • FD Footnotes (1.35)
  • Jetpack by WordPress.com (3.8)
  • List category posts (0.66)
  • Media Library Assistant (2.15)
  • Prezi WP (1.2)
  • ShareThis (7.1)
  • ThreeWP Broadcast (26.0)
  • ThreeWP Broadcast Blog Groups (26.0)
  • Zotpress (6.0)

The following themes will receive major updates as part of the release:

  • Canvas (5.9.12) (Woo)

For more details on major update releases, please visit our release schedule and procedures page.