Commons 1.2.5

I’ve just released version 1.2.5 of the CUNY Academic Commons.

Commons 1.2.5 is, nominally, a bugfix release. But because of a few personal issues (two new daddies among the team members!), the release got held up in the pipeline for a lot longer than anticipated. During that time, a fair number of improvements got rolled into 1.2.5 than we’d originally planned.

Chief among these improvements is a major WordPress upgrade. We’ve gone from WP 3.1.3 to WP 3.2.1. If you have a Commons blog, you’ll notice the change right away – in WP 3.2, the Dashboard was given a bit of a facelift. WordPress 3.2 also means a beautiful new theme (Twenty Eleven), a great fullscreen writing experience in the Dashboard, and a host of other performance improvements and new features. Read more about WordPress 3.2.

A few other highlights of Commons 1.2.5:

  • New WP themes: Twenty Eleven, ThreatToCreativity, Byline, PressWork, Brunelleschi, Chunk
  • New WP plugins: Disable Trackbacks, Google Plus One, Facebook Page Photo Gallery, Spam Free WordPress, WP-SyntaxEvolved, Fancybox, Text Expander, Soundcloud Embedding
  • Some bugs fixed in BuddyPress Docs

You can read more about the release at the 1.2.5 milestone.


I’ve just released version of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is a stopgap bugfix release until we can release the (rather large and overdue) Commons 1.2.5. Commons highlights:

  • Modified the way that the Featured Content widget on the home page selects an avatar for featured Blogs and Blog Posts
  • Removed the WordPress Hit Counter plugin, which was causing performance issues with some sites.
  • Updated the TimThumb script where necessary

Full release details are available at the milestone.

Commons 1.2.4

After a few weeks of relative inactivity (with good reason), I’ve just tagged version 1.2.4 of the CUNY Academic Commons. Version 1.2.4 is a bugfix release, with a number of fixes. Highlights:

  • The appearance of our 404 page has been improved
  • A WordPress bug regarding adding users to blogs who have apostrophes in their email addresses was located and solved
  • Some security hardening of BuddyPress Docs

See the 1.2.4 milestone for more information on this release.

Commons 1.2.1

I’ve just released Version 1.2.1 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is a bugfix release for the Commons, comprising a number of fixes and small improvements. Of note:

  • LaTeX support for MediaWiki (just embed your TeX in <math>TeX</math>
  • Improved support for group invitation autocomplete in newer versions of IE
  • Fixed bugs in WP Flickr Photo Album plugin
  • New WP theme: Erudite
  • New WP plugin: Twitter Blackbird Pie

For full details on the release, see the 1.2.1 milestone.

Commons 1.2

I’ve just finished tagging and releasing version 1.2 of the CUNY Academic Commons. Version 1.2 is a major feature release for the site. Notable new features and improvements:

  • The addition of BuddyPress Docs, a collaborative writing and editing plugin for BuddyPress, developed specifically for the CUNY Academic Commons. BuddyPress Docs gives groups a sort of private wiki space, where they can share their writing and get work done.
  • A number of parts of the BP Groupblog interface have been improved. Group blog privacy settings have been more closely integrated; blog author/group member sync has been made more reliable; information about groupblog connections is now displayed on the blog Dashboard; blogs and groups can now be properly unlinked in order to participate in further groupblog connections.
  • The display of pending group invitations (the Send Invites tab in each group) has been made less confusing.
  • The interface through which group administrators can change the group’s slug/URL has been better integrated into the group admin screens.
  • A new Reply button on each forum makes it possible to reply to a forum post without clicking through numerous pages of replies.
  • New WordPress themes: Clean Home, Antisnews

This release cycle has been our most extensive to date, with 69 bug and enhancement tickets opened and closed against the milestone. As usual, you can read the full details of the release at the 1.2 milestone.

Sincere thanks to the Commons Dev Team and the Commons Community Team for their hard work leading up to this major release.

Commons 1.1.11

I’ve just released version 1.1.11 of the CUNY Academic Commons. I’m hopeful that this will be the last release in the 1.1.x series – we’ve got some great new features coming in 1.2, and I want to get it out to the community as soon as I can.

Some of the fixes included in 1.1.11:

  • Better handling of certain Office files as forum attachments
  • Bug fixed that may have prevented some email invitations from being sent
  • Some cleanup in the email notifications for forum posts that have attachments

You can read more about what went into the release at 1.1.11 milestone.

Commons 1.1.7

Happy New Year! I have just released version 1.1.7 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This bugfix release contained a very important security release of WordPress (v3.0.4), as well as a few other small changes:

  • Bugfixes in the Google Calendar widget WP plugin
  • Bugfixes in the Cityscape WP theme
  • Installed the Meebo Me WP plugin

For complete details about the release, visit the 1.1.7 milestone.