Commons 1.3

I’ve just released version 1.3 of the CUNY Academic Commons. 1.3 is a major feature release for the Commons. Various technical and extra-technical hurdles have held up v1.3 for a bit longer than the team may have liked, so it feels particularly good to announce its release.

You can read a nice round-up of highlights at our News blog. Here is a quick list, from the development point of view:

  • Upgraded to latest BuddyPress, including all BP-dependent plugins (among others, a large rewrite of much of BuddyPress Groupblog)
  • New directory filters for Members
  • Autosuggest for wiki tags
  • Icon display of social media fields on user profiles
  • Sorting/posts-per-page dropdowns for individual forum topics
  • Auto-invitations to the Group for Group Admins for group admins/mods
  • Infrastructure for the invitation of non-CUNY site members, via admin-supplied signup code
  • Save rich text editor preferences in MediaWiki
  • Non-network-activate Viper’s Video Tags WP plugin
  • Better handling of LaTeX in group email notifications
  • Prompt for forcing the filling in of “Role” on user profiles
  • IE styling fixes for BP theme
  • Improvements to groupblog activation during group creation
  • Better custom image support for Featured Content Widget plugin
  • Dashboard Widget cruft removed
  • Autocomplete for adding users to blogs
  • New WP plugin: FD Footnotes

Keep an eye on the Codex in the upcoming days for posts highlighting some of these features.

For complete details on the 1.3 release, see the milestone.

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