Group Forum Subscription v1.3

I’ve just put version 1.3 of Group Forum Subscription into the WordPress plugin repository. Lots of cool stuff has been fixed, added, or improved:

  • Localization complete. Shipped with four translations: French, German, Russian, Spanish
  • Dashboard menu moved under BuddyPress section
  • Forum Subscription notification block added to BP’s forum index.php pages
  • Forum subscription notification block removed for non-logged-in users
  • Fixed bug that subscribed non-confirmed users to forums created in standalone bbPress
  • Admins can choose whether posters receive notifications of their own posts (off by default; not togglable in standalone bbPress)

I got a TON of help from some readers of this blog, who were diligent about bug reports and extremely generous with their translations. Thanks so much for your help!

15 thoughts on “Group Forum Subscription v1.3”

  1. FYI, to anyone who’s interested: There’s a bug in v1.3 that prevents the subject and some body text in the email notifications themselves from being translated. I’ve fixed it in the trunk version.

  2. You mentioned “this new hook will be unnecessary when I release v1.3” referring to the hook needed in topic.php to add a Subscribe/Unscubscribe button to individual topic pages (in v1.2). Should that hook be removed from topic.php after upgrading to v1.3?

  3. P.s.: “To subscribe to specific discussions, click their titles.” will not be translate!

  4. Hi Markus. The “To subscribe…” line should be fixed in the trunk now.

    If you’re running version 1.3+ of this plugin, you’ll find an administrative option on Dashboard > BuddyPress > Group Forum Subscription that allows you to turn off notifications to the poster! Let me know if you find it OK.

  5. The button has no effect > email again! On/off … everything the same.

    Not translated: “Members receive email notification of their own posts”
    Will not be translate: “New discussion activity in the group” … and the rest of the notification email 😉

  6. Hi Markus. I’m afraid I can’t explain why the on/off button makes no difference. It works on my setup. What version of the plugin are you using?

    There was a typo in v1.3 that kept emails from being translated. Try the trunk version (be sure to download the trunk language pack too). The “Members receive…” line is not translated because I added it too late. If you have a translation for it, send it my way and I will add it.

  7. Hi Boone, option is true, latest version…but there comes every times an email on own posts.

  8. Hi Ray,

    Hm, I don’t know. I’m running 1.2 bleeding and I have no problem with the admin menu. Which version of Group Forum Subscription are you using? Are you using at least 1.3, which puts the GFS menu under BuddyPress on the Dashboard? Which version of WPMU are you running? Are you having problems with any other plugin menu items?

  9. Hi Ray/Boone, I am having the same problem. just installed v 1.3 on buddypress 1.1.3, and the subscription seems to work, but I cannot access the the Subscription menu either as admin

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