Group Forum Subscription v1.1

If you’re using Group Forum Subscription for BuddyPress, you might like to know that I’ve just pushed out v1.1. There’s nothing new in terms of functionality, but a lot of small bugs have been fixed, as well as a fairly large bug that was affecting automatic subscription on the joining/leaving of BP groups. Download the latest version through your WP Plugins panel, or download it from

Thanks to r-a-y, MarkS, WestPointer, and other users for helping me to spot and squash those bugs!

20 thoughts on “Group Forum Subscription v1.1”

  1. Thanks for your continued work on this. As Markus mentioned the error continues. What is the harm in using a plugin when an error like this is generated?

    My set is: wpmu 2.8.4a, bp 1.1.1 php 5.2.5 – Only displays error once at top of page under buddybar. Can see all of Settings page. Only occurs when selecting Settings. I’m not sure seeing my error log would help, it only shows the func-array error that you’re getting quite familiar with.

  2. Hi MarkS. Did you try the very latest version, uploaded a few hours ago? I think I may have fixed it, as I explain in a comment on the previous post.

    The answer to your question about what harm it can do: none. As long as all the settings work, the error message is just an annoyance.

  3. The update to 1.1 did the trick- all is good, no error. Thanks again. Now off to deal with my errors from feedwordpress and bp-groupblog 😉

  4. This version works for me, doesnt see the bug 🙂
    Is there an translation for your plugin? In german? :p

  5. Edit:

    Bug again 🙁


    1.) Create new topic -> subscription is on
    2.) Reply to this topic -> doesnt work in IE! Firefox is ok, in ie the button is without any function. The old bug i told you again 😉


    1.) Create new topic with auto subscription
    2.) Click on de-subscripe button works, but in /members/admin/settings/notifications/ the status is on “ok” again!

  6. Forgotten to say: IE8, IE7 and IE6 tested and it doesnt works! Please fix this fast…to many people use this, great, great, great shXt browser.

  7. Hi Markus,

    Thanks for your messages. Very good catch on the IE issue. It was a bug that had to do with nested forms. I have upgraded the plugin (to version 1.2) with new installation instructions. Follow these instructions in the new readme file (you’ll have to create a new hook in your topic template file) and your problem should be solved.

    The second issue is not a bug. The Unsubscribe button that you see on a topic page unsubscribes you from that topic only. The settings on Settings>Notifications have to do with entire groups. It is possible to unsubscribe from a single topic but have that group set to “Yes” in Settings>Notifications. The latter setting means that you will continue to be automatically subscribed to future topics in that forum.

  8. Oh, and by the way Markus, the plugin is not currently translatable (unless you want to go in and change the code), but I will make it translatable in the next version. I’ll do the French translation and maybe you can handle the German one 🙂

  9. Haaaaa ^^ Find the bug a few minutes before you ^^ Jep, 1 form into another form is not so good :D. I have translated the plugin “hard”. With an language file i can do this in german 🙂

  10. Found another bug: On the first new topic the author becomes an email – for his own post 😀
    Well, we will wait for 1.2 boone (with language support) 😛

  11. Hi Markus. Do you mean that the author of a new topic shouldn’t get an email when he posts? (I think I agree that it doesn’t make sense.)

    I took a little time this morning and added localization to the trunk of the plugin. I’m going to start versioning more carefully so that people don’t have to deal with buggy code. So the stable tag remains v1.2 (without localization) but if you want to run the trunk and make your German version, go for it – and please provide me with the translation, so I can include it in the distribution!

  12. Hi Boone!

    No, these steps:

    1.) New Group
    2.) Submission is true
    3.) Create (first) new topic
    4.) Email

    The author becomes an email for create his own first topic 🙂

    What do you think….language support…when? 😛

  13. Ah i forget everything today 😀

    There comes also an email when reply <- email for own reply 😉

  14. Hi Markus. If I’m understanding you correctly: Right now, the author of a new topic or a reply receives an email. You think he shouldn’t. I am planning on implementing that for v1.3.

    As for language support: I have edited the trunk version of the plugin to support language packs. Unfortunately, however, I do not myself speak every language, so I need help! If you’d like to translate this plugin into German, please do so. Here are some great instructions: I did a quick French translation today and the whole process (including the time it took to set up the software) only took about an hour. And my French is kind of crummy, so you might be better still!

  15. Hi Boone!
    Uh dont know….can you give me an list like
    hello = Hallo
    then i can translate this for you 🙂

  16. I need some clarification about which file needs to be edited to add a Subscribe/UnSubscribe button (for bp1.1.1). Neither of my topic.php files have the same path in the directions. It didn’t seem to work until I edited both. Was that correct?:

    From Directions:
    To add a Subscribe/Unsubscribe button to individual topic pages, open [your-bp-theme-directory]/groups/single/topic.php (for BP 1.1+) or [your-bp-theme-directory]/groups/forum/topic.php. Find the line that reads and add the hook on the next line.

  17. Hi MarkS – The second path is the correct one. The first path leads to the original location of the BP themes, not the active location. It looks like I forgot to include ‘/single/’ in my instructions – sorry if it sent you on a wild goose chase.

    In any case, this new hook will be unnecessary when I release v1.3 of the plugin in a day or so. If you don’t want to wait, the almost finished v1.3b is at

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