Commons 1.10.19

I’ve just released version 1.10.19 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is a maintenance release. 1.10.19 is the last scheduled release in the 1.10.x series; 1.11.0 is scheduled for release next week, and the release on May 21 will be 1.11.1.

This release fixes a number of issues:

  • Better standardization for TinyMCE button options and order
  • Make Twenty Seventeen theme available

For complete details, visit the 1.10.19 milestone.

New BuddyPress plugin: BP-TinyMCE

I threw a little something together today to add WYSIWYG editing to BuddyPress, using TinyMCE. I want to be careful about the tags I allow, so I’m whitelisting, which is a bit tedious. As a result, there are only a few buttons available: a, em, strong, ul, ol, li. It’s a start, though.

Seems to work everywhere in BP: forums, wire, messages, profile pages.

A note about TinyMCE: WP ships with TinyMCE, and I thought it made sense to use that version instead of attaching one to this plugin. I think that the path to TinyMCE (line 18 of the plugin) should work on all installations, but you may have to tinker if you don’t see it popping up in the head of your BP pages. Moreover, the language files for WP’s version of TinyMCE are misnamed, which means that they don’t work right out of the box (at least for me they don’t). You may need to change the name of wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/wp-langs-en.php to en.php in order to get the hover and help text in the TinyMCE box to work.

Download the plugin here. Don’t use in a production environment unless you are very certain that you are satisfied with the security of this plugin!

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