Commons 2.3.0

I’ve just released version 2.3.0 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This is a major feature release for the site.

This release focuses on the member profile experience. The headline feature is our new “CV” tool, which replaces the old “Public Portfolio”. This new tool allows Commons members to create attractive public CVs with an easy-to-use visual editor. The CV editing experience is built on the WordPress Block Editor, and our technical work deploying the Block Editor for a front-end tool like this represents an innovative jump in the way that WP sites typically work.

As part of our focus on members, we have also overhauled the appearance and behavior of the “Inbox” view that users see when reading and composing private messages and site notifications. This change helps to integrate the Inbox with recent design refreshes on other parts of the Commons.

For complete details, visit the 2.3.0 milestone.