Commons 1.1.8

I’ve just released version 1.1.8 of the CUNY Academic Commons. This upgrade was a bit bumpy – I actually pushed the update yesterday afternoon, but because of a few technical problems, I was not able to debug and tag the upgrade as stable. Thanks to some help from our delightful sysadmin @apitanga, we sorted things out and I was able to wrap up the release.

Commons 1.1.8 features a relatively large number of fixes and improvements:

  • Many plugins and themes, including BuddyPress, have been upgraded to the most recent versions
  • A large number of new themes have been added to the site
  • Embedding of Prezi and Slideshare presentations has been enabled
  • A bug blocking group members from being auto-added to the group’s blog has been fixed
  • A few other small bugs fixed

For complete details on this release, see the 1.1.8 milestone.